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Wondering which type of beverage to get for a special occasion or just a simple nightcap? Liquor Lavita helps you pick just the right drink. We also take the consumers on a journey to discover their taste buds and the world of liquors.

I helped to define Liquor Lavita's online content strategy and design a website showcasing over 1000 exquisite types of drinks.

My Role
Project Type
Information Architecture
Content strategy
Art Direction
UI design
E-commerce Website
E-commerce App
for a speculative business
Year: 2011

To understand the consumers and their wants and needs. We conducted an User Analysis to find out the reasonings behind their purchasing decisions. The concluded main drives are: occasion, price and quality.

Liquor Lavita offers a wide range of alcoholic beverages. With so many different brands and products to choose from, it's easy to get confused.

The landing page is therefore designed to showcase the different drinks that accompany the different occasions.

The product page, in addition to the essential product info, offer a glimpse into similar products under the same category.

Back in 2011, at the dawn of social media, we wanted to tap into the potential of this new form of marketing. By linking Liquor Lavita's Youtube channel to the product page, the consumers can learn more about the product in a more interactive and engaging way.

We also connected our Facebook account to the product, allowing the consumers to tag themselves and get featured on our product page. This serves as a lively, vibrant, in-situ testimonial to the product.

An idea of an app was also conceived to help pick the right beverage for the occasion. The app would then point you to the closest point of purchase. This completes the online / offline customer journey cycle.